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Waste Reduction Tips

How to Live Green this 2018

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Waste Reduction Tips

Waste Reduction Tips

Top 5 Waste Reduction Tips

Every day should be Earth day. But today, we can all agree to disagree. Time passes by quickly, and we stray away from nature for every second of it. How? By dumping a colossal amount of approximately 2.12 billion tons of trash every year!

Human civilization evolved dramatically over time. It’s mind-blowing how we advanced our ways of life through science and technology and continue to break impossibilities throughout history. It’s funny how we conquered all these complexities but fail to pay attention to the simplest of ideas like waste management and green revolution. You see, more people are oblivious to Earth preservation compared to those who genuinely “care”. My question is, do you care?

Nobody can deny that amidst our convenient digital age is a real-occurring global trash crisis. And when I say global, it means YOU are included, no exemptions. So, before the wastes outnumber us and cover the entire surface of the Earth, why don’t we start the fight with our own selves? Be a part of this global action by knowing how to reduce your wastes and learn how to live green this 2019 using the following tips:

Waste Reduction Tips #1 – Say “NO” to plastics

Try to live a nearly zero-waste lifestyle and say “No” to plastics. When using hygienic products like soaps and shampoos, try to pick those with non-biodegradable packaging. When eating at your favourite fast food chain and was offered to use a plastic straw, learn to say “No”. Have you heard about bamboo straws? I heard that even Mc Donald’s is digging the idea. The same thing with other plastic products, just say “No”, okay? Remember that plastics stay not for better but for worse, and there are solid reasons to say “No”.

Waste Reduction Tips #2 – Own a “Zero-Waste Kit”

Bringing your own reusable shopping bag, spoon, fork, travel mug, and even a small plate can stop tons of waste products from entering a landfill. It’s a very cheap and easy “Zero-Waste Kit” to acquire and you have no idea how many favours you’re doing for the future! Stop using conventional grocery bags, Styrofoam pack lunches, and plastic cups or bottles.  We all know that you only want it more than you need it. Always pick a wiser choice for the greater good, I know you can do it!

Waste Reduction Tips

Waste Reduction Tips #3 – Live Green

Nature is the greatest of all masterpieces. The image of the Earth is usually drawn with the dominant colours of blue and green, but not on this era. Because of rapid waste production and continuous environmental degradation, Earth’s colours will not only be blue and green anymore. To stop this from happening, environmental organizations like the Clean the Beach Boot Camp (CBBC), are spearheading the awareness and campaign for Clean and Green Revolution. This is like paying back to nature with simple habits like driving less and walking more, participating on clean-up drives, purchasing organic products instead of synthetic ones, planting trees, and caring for the environment in general. Let’s just say it’s like paying Earth our monthly rent by doing these routines. Sounds like a win-win deal, right?

Waste Reduction Tips #4 – The Golden Rule of “Rs”

Proper waste management has this golden rule of “Rs” – Reduce, Reuse, Refuse, Recycle, and Repair. These are indeed golden ways to awesomely achieve a waste-free environment for a cleaner and greener future ahead!

First, reduce your product consumption. Don’t buy or get anything you don’t really need. Ask yourself this question before purchasing anything – “Is this a need or a want”? If your answer is the latter, then forget about it.

Second, reuse your things. Stop patronizing disposable products. Instead, go for reusable ones like eco-bags and your very own zero-waste kit. Ditch the single-use plastics and go for reusable products.

Third, refuse non-biodegradable products. Again, say “No” to plastics. Non-biodegradable products are immortal. They live and stay longer than any living organisms on the planet, like forever! They don’t undergo decomposition, instead, they break down into smaller and microscopic forms, destroying the ecosystem and killing millions of animals. Microplastics are no joke. When ingested, it can kill animals and pose a toxic threat to marine life.

Fourth, recycle to the extent of your abilities. Be creative and practical at the same time by using your imagination on crafting recyclable items! In addition, support products that are 100% made by recycling out there in the market.

Fifth, repair instead of having new ones. Don’t always go for new replacements when your things are broken or damaged. Try repairing it first. Don’t be such a nagger by giving up easily, man up and do something! By doing this, you don’t only save money, but you also save the environment as well.

Always remember that there is no “Planet B”. There’s only one Earth in the entire universe of countless galaxies! Unless you are able to find a distant planet similar to ours. Well, good luck with doing that. Nevertheless, we all carry the responsibility of preserving the natural environment. Save yourself, save the planet!

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