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The Top 5 Cleanest Cities In The World

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The Top 5 Cleanest Cities In The World

The Top 5 Cleanest Cities In The World

The Top 5 Cleanest Cities In The World, And How They Avoid Industrial Mess.

Everyone prefers to live in a clean and healthy environment. However, ever since the industrial age, we have been going down the slippery slope of convenience. Factories are cropping up one after the other to try and satisfy the ever-rising demand of an ever-increasing population. Development eats upon depleting resources and then it spits out pollutants that further damages the ecosystem of the planet. Here’s an example: Most Polluted River In The World. With alarming levels of pollution being reported all over the world, it is not just a matter of inspiration, but of vital importance, that we study and learn from the top 5 Cleanest Cities in the world.

Given the massive scale of development presently seen around the world, keeping a busy city clean, is easier said than done. A complex system of housing, sanitation, transportation etc. is employed in such cities. In order to ensure the output of such complicated systems, do not pollute the environment, strict regulations and a reliable waste management system needs to be in place. Even transportation infrastructure plays a crucial role in controlling air pollution levels.

Even though corporates blinded by greed, choose to be indifferent to the growing pollution crisis, there is still hope. The top 5 cleanest cities around the world have set a shining example of how to do eco-friendly urbanisation. They have done this by focussing on educating the masses, penalising public littering, reducing traffic congestions, cutting down carbon emissions etc.

Without further ado, let’s read and learn about the Top 5 Cleanest Cities Around The World:

#5 Cleanest Cities in the World  – Kobe, Japan

The Japanese, well known for maintaining high levels of discipline, leave no stone unturned, when it comes to cleanliness.

One of Japan’s largest cities, Kobe, despite being busy with a population of over 1.5 million, has managed to become the 5th Cleanest city in the world.

A strong sense of responsibility imbibed within the citizens prevents public littering. A state of the art waste disposal system and high level of recycling keeps the surroundings garbage-free. Along with its people, Kobe’s budding economy has contributed to lowering pollution levels and maintaining cleanliness.

#4 Cleanest Cities in the World – Singapore

With a population of over 5.6 million people, Singapore, is not only one of the busiest, and most expensive, but it is also the 4th out of the top 5 Cleanest cities in the world.

Despite the vast number of tourist inflow, business centres, oil refineries etc. Singapore doesn’t cut corners when it comes to cleanliness. Strict laws are implemented to maintain cleanliness, irrespective of whether you’re a local citizen or a foreigner. These laws help prevent public littering by levying hefty fines, cutting trees in protected areas and even a complete ban on chewing gums!

#3 Cleanest Cities in the World – Honolulu, Hawaii

Known as the Pearl of Hawaii, the tropical paradise Honolulu ranks 3 out of the top 5 Cleanest cities in the world. A lack of polluting industries and abundant greenery, in this sparsely populated remote island, is one of the main reasons for its high levels of cleanliness. Since tourism is massive in this island City, maintenance and beautification are of the highest priority. And the only thing the friendly people of Honolulu don’t tolerate is garbage!

#2 Cleanest Cities in the World – Adelaide, Australia

The runners-up on the list of top 5 Cleanest cities in the world is the capital of South Australia, Adelaide. Quite understandably, it is also said to be one of the most liveable cities. With numerous financial institutions,  Adelaide is of vital importance to Australia’s economy. It is, however, its excellent waste management and recycling system that placed Adelaide so high up in the cleanliness chart. By recycling approximately 85% of its waste, Adelaide indeed has very little trash to worry about.

#1 Cleanest City in the World – Calgary, Canada

Leading the list of top 5 Cleanest cities in the world, is Calgary, Canada’s industrial hub. Built around the oil and energy industry, this busy city of over a million people had all the ingredients needed to be far away from the list of top 5 cleanest cities in the world. Calgary, however, managed to turn things around and has rightfully earned the title of the cleanest city in the world.

Calgary managed to achieve this feat by identifying and focussing on five key factors affecting the environment: Water drinkability and availability, Air pollution, Traffic congestions, Sewage systems, Waste removal and recycling. To learn more about how Calgary went about successfully addressing these key factors, read here: Cleanest City In The World

Surely, the government and businesses have primary responsibility in keeping a city clean. However, we, the common people, cannot escape the mess, we all have had a part to play in. Legislations alone, won’t be enough. It needs a shift in the mindset of the general populace.

Spreading awareness regarding waste reduction, segregation and disposal, littering, health issues etc. will ensure citizens take a conscious effort in keeping the city clean. And where education doesn’t work, a hefty fine could act as a good reminder.

Now that you know it is possible to maintain high levels of cleanliness even in a busy city, how do you feel when you look around your own city? If you feel disappointed, then it is time to act. Help spread awareness by sharing articles such as this, so that yours too may become one of the top 5 Cleanest cities in the world.

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