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Travel Coffee Mug

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The iBan Plastic Travel Coffee Mug is quite the cool little item if we may say so ourselves. Its one of our favourite products, not just because we love coffee but because take away coffee cups are a huge Single-Use Plastic issue. The plastic lids are not recyclable, they will all end up in a landfill and a lot will slip away into our water system and oceans. Some coffee shops have paper styled cups but they are inlined with a thin layer of plastic which makes the entire cup unrecyclable nor biodegradable.

Just like our Plastic Straw problem the Plastic Take-Away Coffee Cups are produced and sold in the billions every day.

So why not invest in a reusable travel coffee mug? A lot of Coffee Shop are feeling the pressure of environmental organizations like iBan Plastic and will take your iBan Plastic Tavel Cup and fill it with your favourite coffee with no hesitation. Our travel coffee mug is also insulated so it stops you burning your hands on your hot brew and keeps your coffee hotter for longer.

It even has a swivel spout on the lid so you can sip your coffee whilst the lid is still on to prevent spillage or unwanted accidents whilst drinking on the move.

For more information on Coffee Cup Pollution, you can check out our article 7 Reasons to Ban Take Away Coffee Cups

  • 400ml (14oz) Stainless Steel Portable Mug
  • Friction lid, swivel spout, and comfort handle
  • Hand wash is recommended
  • Do not microwave
  • Product Dimensions: 6.2 x 6.2 x 3.375 / 10.6 (circ.) inches

 “When you purchase iBan Plastic Products, you are supporting the movement towards a Plastic Free Ocean and Plastic Free Life Style… Thank You”

– iBan Plastic Team –
The Coffee Travel Mug is sent from Thailand. They are unique items and are in high demand, so please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery to your doorstep.


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