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Bamboo ToothBrush

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3x Bamboo ToothBrush

In just the USA and Australia alone, over 900 million toothbrushes are discarded and end up in landfills every single year. That’s more than 1000 tonnes (1,000,000kg) of unrecyclable, unusable plastic waste. The amount of Plastic toothbrush used worldwide is at an estimation of over 3.5 billion.

So you can imagine the problem this is causing our environment and yet its solved with a simple and elegant Bamboo Tooth Brush.

This Bamboo Tooth Brush is the world’s first plant-based toothbrush. both the bristles and the handle are made purely from plant-based materials, its also BPA-Free, Vegan, and Verified Non-toxic.

This order is for 3 Bamboo Toothbrushes.  

When you purchase iBan Plastic Products, you are supporting the movement towards a Plastic Free Ocean and Plastic Free Life Style… Thank You

– iBan Plastic Team –

These bamboo toothbrushes are handmade and sent from Thailand. They are unique items and are in high demand, so please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery to your doorstep.

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