Can you keep all your Plastics for a Year?

Plastics easily come and go. You can get it in a snap of a second, and you can get rid of it in an instant – as easy as that. That’s why most the population don’t realize how much plastics are used, how much resources are wasted, and how much garbage is produced. It’s very easy to neglect those kinds of truth nowadays.

So, let’s play a game! It’s called truth or dare.

The Mechanics

Since it’s very easy for us to access plastic-based products, let’s keep it all the way like that. Go on with your usual plastic lifestyle, but this time, let’s have a bit of a twist.

Try keeping all the plastics you will purchase – for a year!

Daniel Webb, a 36-year old artist, was out for a run one evening when he came across an unpleasant site. His route was along the seaside of his hometown, Margate, England, when he noticed tons of plastics trapped in the washed-up seaweeds.

“It was very nostalgic, almost archaeological. And it made me think, as a mid-30s guy, is any of my plastic out there? Had I once dropped a toy in a stream near Wolverhampton, where I’m from, and now it was out in the sea?”

From that point of realization, he decided to keep all his plastic items for the whole year of 2017. Webb already quit on plastic bottles prior to the incident, but the rest of his consumer practices will be left unchanged.

The reveal will tell you clearly the inspiration for this one. How about you? Do you think you can keep all your plastics for a year?

The Truth

The truth is certain – plastic pollution is a serious problem and most of the people around the globe are still ignoring this fact! Well, speaking of facts, why don’t we talk about facts?

Four thousand, four hundred and ninety (4,490) plastics! That’s the number of plastic items Webb collected after a whole year. He carefully kept it clean and stored it well. Twenty-two bin bags later, things made him “rethink” about his plastic consumption.

“The results are as stark as they are shocking. I want to show and share with people what a year’s worth of your plastic use looks like. This simple ambition forms the concept of this new piece centred around our individual contribution to plastic pollution.”

The best part is when Webb decided to make his collection a part of an incredible exhibit called “Mural-by-the-Sea” project.  It was a billboard displayed at Margarete’s Dreamland funfair and photographed by Ollie Harrop.

People thought the mural was beautiful, with all the colours and visual aesthetics. But for Webb, that “snapshot of a year in his life” was the greatest revelation about the ugly truth we people are trying to deny.

“You get a really clear picture of what you’re consuming and you figure out that all of this stuff was just designed for you to buy it. That black plastic of meat packaging is to hide the colour of the blood, or the brown plastic of mushroom packaging makes the mushrooms look earthy.”

You see, strategic marketing for plastic-based products are really doing the job with flying colours. We are being fooled every day, and it seems that we just don’t really care. The comfort blinds both of our eyes, and the convenience made us deaf. We knew what’s happening, but we go on with our lives anyway.

“I work in marketing, and I never thought I’d say this, but we really are being sold stuff we do not need. There is an epidemic of overproduction and overconsumption.”

The truth is, we should start doing something right now, all of us!

Plastics are already everywhere – from the deepest of the oceans to the coldest corners of the planet. We continue to accumulate plastic wastes every day without even knowing that it’s destroying the last existing natural spectacles here on Earth – from the breathtaking beauty of the Galapagos Islands to the aquatic wonderland of the Great Barrier Reef. I can just go on and on, but I know you already grasped the idea.

Do you still remember about our game? Let me go on with the actual dare I mentioned earlier.

The Dare

I know what you’re thinking. You thought the dare was keeping your plastics for a year. Well, not really, because that’s just the beginning.

The point of this is for you to realize and acknowledge the severity of our dependence on plastic-based products. Imagine if all the 7.6 billion people in the world uses 4,490 plastics a year like Webb did, or more! With that quantity, we are surely on our way to entirely cover the surface of the Earth with plastic rubbish.

The real dare here is for you to reduce your plastic purchases and eventually end plastic pollution. Don’t use something you don’t need, and try to start a plastic-free lifestyle. Let’s do it one plastic reduction at a time until we learn how to completely live without plastics.

You can start by refusing single-use plastics like straws, bottles, and bags. Like what we do at iBan Plastic! You can sign the petition, and take the pledge to start your plastic-free journey with us. You can also spread awareness by sharing our articles online and become a patron of our website and just donate $1 a month to the cause.

There’s always a way if there’s a will. I hope you’re in for the dare. Let’s start changing our predetermined future. We can still save the planet, we can still save ourselves.

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