Petition FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

We got a lot of E-Mails and Facebook Messages with questions and queries, with what to do with Plastic Pollution, How to Help and general information about the Petition itself, check below for your question.

I would like to help, how can I volunteer and be a part of the iBan Plastic Team?

The first step to helping us is by reducing your own amount of Plastic Consumption. Set an example of yourself first, and then reach out and educate others to do the same. Here are some articles to help you out:

The second step to volunteering with us is by organising your very own, local iBan Plastic Clean-up drive. That’s right; there’s no taking it slow when it comes to tackling plastic pollution. Take a walk or ride around your local area till you spot a trashed out zone that could do with some serious TLC. Now spread awareness, gather other concerned individuals from the locality and organise a regular clean-up drive under the iBan Plastic banner and we will help further spread the word by publishing your hard work on our network and social media.

Why do you need my age and sex?

Although your age and sex have got nothing to do with the petition itself, it, however, provides essential statistics that give us new insights into which gender and generation feel most strongly about the environment. It also helps us in understanding the different levels of awareness and education that might be needed, based on gender or age. All data collected is completely anonymous to protect your identity. You can take a look at the statistics we have collected so far, here.

Where is the petition letter and who does it go to?

The current iBan Plastic petition was originally intended for the 7-Eleven HQ. The aim of the petition was to strongly urge the 7-Eleven management to implement a store policy that stopped the routine handling out of single-use plastic such as plastic bags, plastic straws, spoons, fork, cups etc. by the 7-Eleven staff at the cash counter unless specifically requested for by the customer.

However, our petition struck a chord with aware and conscious individuals from all around the world, and before we knew it, the iBan Plastic Petition had gone viral. It also meant that our fight against single-use plastic now went beyond the 7-Eleven’s. And so the petition was revised in order to address the bigger issue. You can read up more in detail on our About Us page.

Where does the Donation money go?

100% of the donations made, go directly into activities that help the environment and fight plastic pollution. These activities can range from financing an actual cleanup drive, where we get down to ground zero and get our hands nice and dirty, picking up trash from the streets, parks, beaches and even the ocean! – to compelling different governments to create legislation that curtails the spreading of single-use plastic by forcing even those companies that don’t care much about the environment, to abide by the new laws.

Also, note that iBan Plastic is a 100% volunteer based program and no member is paid any wage for helping out with its various activities.