Sunday, August 7, 2022

Plastic Pollution

Plastic Pollution

The Topic of Plastic Pollution has become a hot subject as of late. With videos and picture going viral, displaying the harsh destruction Plastic Pollution has on our Environment. Plastic Pollution effects everything, not just the animals in the ocean and on land, it affects us too. Our health and wellbeing are at risk and scientific evidence have been proving so time after time.

But when will it stop? When will changes happen? One of the biggest weapons with have in the fight against Plastic Pollution is awareness. Making the public aware of the issues and helping them by providing solutions and ideas that we can all participate in.

Its about time the mother nature, the ocean and all the animals affected by Plastic Pollution get a voice. The iBan Plastic Team write daily articles and post them on our Social Media to bring more attention to the issues at hand.

Please read and share the articles you see below to help spread the awareness and help others do the same.