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Eco News

Meet the Bacteria on a Plastic Diet

Ideonella Sakaiensis the Plastic Eating Bacteria Plastic bottles are reputed contributors to plastic pollution in general. Approximately 20,000 plastic bottles are used every second. That’s a...

10 Most Plastic-Polluted Rivers Ravaging the Oceans

Top 10 Most Polluted Rivers in the World Killing the sources of life: The 10 Most Polluted Rivers in the World One of our most precious...

The Science of Microfiber Pollution and the Search for Solutions

  Microfiber Pollution Microfiber Pollution - "When fashion turns to a life-threatening contamination" I guess it doesn’t deserve to be trendy anymore. What do I mean by...

Sustainable Packaging: the Next Big Thing to Combat Plastic Pollution

Sustainable Packaging   We at iBanPlastic.com are committed to putting an end to plastic pollution that proved to be highly detrimental to our natural environment. The...

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