Sunday, August 7, 2022
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Welcome To Our Eco News.

The world is changing, our environment is dying. “Climate Change” has no been declared “Climate Emergency”. As the most intelligent species on the planet it’s ironic how we are destroying our only home. The iBan Plastic team is working hard to make a difference. We report and give prominence our planet deserves. Stories and events that would unwise be unreported.

iBan Plastic Mission on Eco News

People are reading and supporting our independent and investigative writing more than ever. It’s our mission to inform our readers of the consequence of inaction, the threats to our wellbeing and the living creatures around us. We are determined to find the best solutions and present them to you backed by science and facts.

Below are the latest updates on all the Eco News. From Plastic Pollution to Green Energy and Global Warming to Water Pollution, Land Pollution and their Pollution Solutions.

We don’t just update you on the doom and gloom of the Eco News, we write about the major success we and other organizations have had. We also write about the solutions and ideas we can all implement in our lives to make a powerful and positive impact on the Environment.

Please share any and all articles you see to help spread the message and allow others to do the same.