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Why Wait For A Special Event? Lets Take Action Today!

Clean The World

Clean The World Project!
Let’s Take Action Now!

Clean The World



Welcome to Clean The World Project, Why do we have to wait for World Clean Up Day or Earth Day or Let’s Do It World Day before we decide to take action? All great initiatives but at the rate, we are Polluting the Planet we need these annual movements to become weekly if not daily.

So what’s holding us back? Why not start our own cleanup? Imagine if everyone who reads this decided to do a weekly clean-up’s in their local area, whether it be in a Park, field, beach, town or city. Any area that has been neglected and needs a good clean then let’s go do it!

The only thing that seems to be holding people back is the lack of support and guidance on how to organize and run something like this, they also get tripped up on thinking of a name or a way of branding it into a positive movement that people can get behind. Well, iBan Plastic is going to take care of that for you 😀

So introducing the iBan Plastic Clean Up’s 

The iBan Plastic Team have been running and organizing Beach Clean Ups and many Clean Up/Environmental events for Decades and we have learnt a thing or two about how to organize and run a regular clean up and we want to teach to run your Own iBan Plastic clean up.

The first thing you will want to do is join our Facebook Group, this group is full of like-minded people who also run iBan Plastic Clean Ups in the area, they can give you lots of support and guidance.

Given that 80% of all land-based trash ends up in our oceans and 70% of that sinks, it’s vital that we stop it before it enters our waterways.

This is your chance to make a difference! Come to meet our team and help us in the fight for our oceans.

Benefits of starting your own iBan Plastic Clean Up

Bring more awareness of your own lifestyle


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