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iBan Plastic

Biggest Online Petition against #PlasticPollution

The who, what, where, when and how of banning a global plastic menace.

It started off as a simple petition against the 7-Eleven’s in Thailand and their foolish ritual of loading up every customer with a handful of single-use plastic as they exited the store. The universe, however, had bigger plans for us. Our petition soon gained momentum, going viral and turning into a worldwide crusade against plastic pollution and its perpetrators. A stand not just against 7-Eleven but all such businesses that take our planet and our conscience, too much for granted.

When we started, even the biggest petition against single-use plastic or any plastic pollution for that matter, barely managed to get about 2,000 signatures. But, things changed this time around. Perhaps it was the effect of many years of abuse that had roused the people from their sleep. Within a few months of its launch, iBan Plastic already had over 25,000 signatures. Curiously, it was not just the people in Thailand, but from all across the globe that supported our petition and it dawned on us that what we were fighting against was much more than just the 7-Eleven’s.

We were getting signatures, shares, messages and emails in the thousands, from people living in countries that did not even have a 7-Eleven store. However, they shared our pain and fully empathised with our cause since they had suffered the same at the hands of their, plastic loving, local convenience stores. In fact, we received countless requests to start another petition against many such convenience stores, and we could no longer ignore the global outcry against plastic pollution caused by careless and irresponsible businesses.

The Petition Turned Into A Pledge…

The iBan Plastic petition had become a gathering ground for like-minded individuals. People who were, not just aware of their environment, but also actively working on lowering their own amount of plastic usage. But, we knew, that any significant change has to come from the top. It is the design choice of the big corporations that make the most significant difference. And there was no way these billion dollar businesses were going to bow down to mere 2,000 signatures.

So then, how about 200,000 or even 1 million signatures? Heck, if we sincerely consider plastic pollution to be one of the biggest crisis threatening our environment, then, why not make this, one of the largest petitions/pledge online. And we only need a trickle of our entire population to make that happen. If just 5 million out of the 7.5 billion people, that call this planet home, unite for this vital cause, then we are sure all the 7-eleven’s, Coca-Cola’s, Hungry Jack’s, Family Mart’s, Tesco’s etc. will no longer be able to, or rather afford to, ignore our message. With this number, even the governments of different nations are bound to take notice, leading to the creation of laws and legislation that curb plastic pollution.

By breaking across borders of different countries around the world, iBan Plastic has shown us the power of the human race when they unite for a cause. After all, plastic pollution is not restricted by the borders of any country and will continue to spread until it has suffocated the life out of our beautiful planet. iBan Plastic stands tall in the face of this crisis, and it is because of each and every one of us that supports it, no matter where we live. So, which side are you on?