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Our movement has helped individuals learn to lower their own Plastic Foot Print, through our blogs and educational materials people are not only becoming more aware of the Plastic Pollution crisis we are living in today. But learning simple easy to manage tips that will help them make a positive difference. With enough people making small efforts to change it will equal to a massive synergy on solving the Plastic Pollution. You too can join our ranks in our resistance and help spread the message of the iBan Plastic movement.

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Trash in Marianas Trench
Trash in Marianas Trench: the World’s Deepest Garbage Destination You already know that plastic is everywhere, right? From the land to the sea and air, even in your food and from the world’s largest gyres to as far as the Galápagos Islands. Plastic trash is really having a trip of its lifetime, a lifetime of 500 thousand years to be...

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